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Please view our FAQs below and if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

What size marquees do you offer?

We offer a range of marquees to suit weddings and events of all sizes.

  • 6m x 6m (20 ft x 20 ft) – Capri Marquee – Seating up to 24 or 32 standing
  • 6m x 9.1m (20 ft x 30 ft) – Capri Marquee – Seating up to 48 or 60 standing
  • 8.5m x 8.5m (28 ft x 28 ft) – Capri Marquee – Seating up to 40 or 54 standing
  • 8.5m x 11.5m (28 ft x 38 ft) – Capri Marquee – Seating up to 80 or 100 standing
  • 3 m x 6 m (10 ft x 20 ft) – Frame Marquee – Seating up to 20 or 30 standing
  • 6 m x 6 m (20 ft x 20 ft) – Frame Marquee – Seating up to 40 or 60 standing
  • 6 m x 8 m (20 ft x 26 ft) – Frame Marquee – Seating up to 60 or 80 standing
  • 6 m x 12 m (20 ft x 40 ft) – Frame Marquee – Seating up to 80 or 120 standing
  • 6 m x 20 m (20 ft x 66 ft) – Frame Marquee – Seating up to 140 or 200 standing
  • 3m x 4.5m (10 ft x 15 ft) – Mini Marquee – Seating up to 16 or 20 standing
  • 3m x 6m (10 ft x 20 ft) – Mini Marquee – Seating up to 20 or 30 standing

Are your marquees waterproof?


Can we attach or remove the sidewalls ourselves?

On the Capri and mini-marquees, yes by all means. It is very easy to do and should take no more than a few minutes. With the Capri marquees to attach the sidewalls you simply clip them on to the cord that runs along the inside of all the arches. With the mini-marquees, they use a velcro and zip system. Again, this is very easy and takes minutes to do. Unfortunately the frame marquee sides are not removable.

Do we need flooring?

It very much depends on the type of event and condition of the grass. We supply the DandyCoco matting which is a traditional woven coconut matting perfect for any occasion. Most weddings will require flooring where as the more informal events will work perfectly well without. A solid hardwood boarded floor with carpet option is available in the majority of our frame marquees.

Can we decorate the marquee ourselves?

Due to the fantastic shape and design of the Capri’s, they do not require the linings as some of the more traditional and clear span marquees or indeed our Frame marquee. You are more than welcome to decorate the poles and hang light items but please do so using cable ties, string, ribbon or cellotape. Under no circumstances please do not use pins or heavy tape. Please do not attach any items to the sides or canopy itself.

How many guests can we seat around a table?

We supply wooden 3 ft round tables which seat 4-6, 4 ft round tables which seat 6-8 and 5 ft round tables which as a general rule seat 8-10. We also supply 6 ft trestle tables which again as a general rule seat 4-6. The trestle tables are also ideal for use as buffet tables.

How high are the arches and inside of the marquees?

The Capri arches are approximately 6-7 ft at the apex and once inside, the marquees are approximately 16 ft high at the centre poles.

The mini marquees have variable leg heights, ranging from 1.9m – 2.2m approximately.

The Frame marquee is 2 m at the entrance and 3 m at the apexes.

Will you match a competitor’s price?

If you find a cheaper marquee hire price from an alternative supplier, we’ll do our best to match it. Visit our Price Match Promise page for full details.

What is damage waiver?

This provides you indemnity against the cost of any repairs should our equipment be accidentally damaged or lost during the hire period. Indemnity does not extend to damage caused by deliberate abuse or neglect.

All prices are subject to our standard 6% accidental damage and loss waiver.

When should we cut the grass?

Please don’t leave it till the last minute. Ideally the aim is to erect the marquee on as dry a surface as possible to limit condensation and damage to the grass, therefore if possible it is best to cut the grass a couple of days prior to allow it to dry out.

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